May 2, 2022
WOW does this gel ever work!! I use “Prime” on the horse anywhere there’s a stiff muscle – the lower neck, shoulder, and especially the back, just behind the saddle. A good massage in the sore area with Prime gel seems to
make the pain go away. I used “Prime” on a couple of my horse’s who had puffy legs in the evening. We rubbed the legs down with the gel and in the morning the legs were as tight as they could be. Finally, I had a mare who got a flu shot and her neck became very sore, and she had a swelling like a hematoma. We rubbed the gel on the lump and her neck, and in the morning the swelling of the lump was gone, and her neck seemed to be pain free.
I’ve only been using “Prime” for a short time, and I think it is a real breakthrough for the horse’s wellbeing.
Henri and Kati Prudent
Plain Bay Farm
The Plains, VA

April 22, 2022
I recently tried a bottle of Prime on my horses. I have a 3 year old gelding I show in the Trail futurities who has been struggling with getting back sore. We have tried lots of different things but nothing has helped very much so far. I used the gel on his back prior to riding and instantly noticed the difference ! The next day I used it again before I showed him and the difference in his performance was amazing. He was so much softer to the ground and over the poles because he wasn’t sore. Literally it made a difference that quickly !
Becky George
Becky George Show Horses
Hockley, TX

April 21, 2022
I tried Prime on my feet, legs, and knees. Having tried pretty much everything on the market to help with my own chronic pain, I didn’t expect much at all. But about an hour later, I was finally able to sleep owing to the relief it gave me. As someone who has such an intense reaction many products, topical product that works is a GODSEND. I contacted them within 24 hours to get more!
Dr. Bridget Bennett, DVM
Pierre, SD


May 28, 2022
If you want something to give your horse an edge over the competition Prime is it! Immediately I noticed and increase in stride length and power with my event horse that struggles a bit when galloping. First competition out with Prime he jumped clear and faster than he ever has before, and recovered fantastic in the extreme heat we were experiencing that weekend. With my degree in Equine Physical Therapy and rehab, I am always looking for alternative therapies that give my horse and I an edge but are non-invasive – this product delivers! It’s a win for horse and rider!
Liz Stewart
Elizabeth Stewart Equestrian
Malvern, PA


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